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Vanessa Wallace MSc, Dip Suv, Dip Management and Leadership, Cert Mindfulness, Cert Coaching and Mentoring.

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Hello and welcome!!

Might I be the right person to work with you? To help you decide I would like to share with you a little bit of information about me.

I was brought up as the only daughter of a Consultant Cancer Surgeon in a family where the competition amongst my siblings was strong and achievement was expected. This led me to be independent and hungry to achieve.

As a young person, my pursuit of happiness along with achievement took me down some wrong paths eventually leading to misery, financial and emotional deprivation and a series of difficult events as well as some destructive behaviour patterns.

There came a time, 20 years ago, where I decided enough was enough, I wanted to change and I decided to embark on a long term journey of therapy and discovery to help me get my life back on track.

I have managed to do what I set out to do and in doing so i’ve become an expert on what keeps us well and healthy mentally and in life. I have discovered that there is so much to learn and enjoy and I love sharing this knowledge and power with others.

My vision is to serve others using the skills and techniques I have learnt and still use myself, to help them to fulfil their life dreams, ambitions and goals.

My mission is...

‘To enable you as well as groups of people to make changes by developing and implementing a path that is clear, user friendly and bespoke to achieve your goals.’

My academic qualifications and certificates include:
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Supervision Skills,
Working with Families
Interpersonal Group Therapy
Management and Leadership
Train the Trainer.

The combination of my training, my personal insight and intuition have provided me with a wide range of tools to support people from all walks of life to develop in the directions they wish or overcome problems and stumbling blocks to achieve their goals.

The most interesting thing is that everyone is different so everyone needs something different, unique and specific to their personality and communication style.

What our clients say....

"My experience with Vanessa from the start was positive. Obviously seeing a coach at first can be really unnerving, but she made me feel at ease and once you get talking about the problems that you wish to discuss and reach out for guidance. You start to feel progress into positive thoughts. I became very settled and comfortable very quickly. She has helped me through a lot and I would recommend her to anyone. You feel you can say anything without judgement. Seeing Vanessa has changed my life for the better."

Abigail Tompkins

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