At Crystal Clear Coaching we use a specific type of Cognitive Behaviour therapy called Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy. Albert Ellis developed Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in the 1950's. He used the idea that emotional problems are directly linked to irrational thinking and if we are to address these problems effectively, we need to change our thinking to the rational equivalent.


12 week "Transform Your Life" Cognitive Behaviour Coaching Programme


Are you sick of spinning the wheels of life and not getting anywhere?


Do you want to build your resilience in difficult situations that life throws at you?


Do you struggle with change?


Have you been trying to cope with negative thoughts and feelings for a while now and want to tackle it once and for all?


Have you suffered some traumatic events in the past and feel that everything in your life is impacted by this?


Do you have health issues that are affecting your mood and you want to find better ways to cope?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions then our 12 week Cognitive Behavioural Coaching programme may be just right for you.


Who is it for?


People who are wanting and willing to engage with a process of change


Who is it not for?

If you do not feel that you need to address your thoughts or emotions then this programme is not for you.


How would this programme help me?

  • Save time and money due to loss of employment or inability to attend events because of emotional difficulties
  • Start to live the life that you truly dream of
  • Be the person your truly want to be
  • Get on with life without your anxiety and depression controlling you.


How is it different to other places I can get support?

  • No waiting lists (immediate start)
  • On tap daily online support throughout your time on the programme
  • Facebook group to join
  • Someone to ‘hold your hand’ so you are not just wading through loads of self help books but not really getting anywhere.
  • Bespoke programme tailored for ‘you’
  • Accountability so you actually engage


Why do I need Accountability?

This is a personal thing I have learnt that good intentions to change are great but commitment to change is really tough. Especially when we are trying to change life long habits. (That’s to do with the brain only trying to protect us). In my personal experience, (because I have suffered with mental health problems), I have needed people to hold my hand, people to be accountable to, people to love me back to wellness because change is hard and I believe that life and emotional change needs support. 


When does the programme start?

 The programme can start as soon as you are ready to begin. 


 What does it involve?

  • Weekly one to one sessions lasting an hour on Skype or face to face dependent on your location, these can be held during the day, evenings or weekends
  • Workbook
  • Some assignments to complete in between sessions
  • Online support throughout the programme to support you with the assignments

What does the programme cover?

 Week 1

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you manage your mood.


Week 2

Skills for Managing Emotions.

Techniques to calm emotions and help you to feel more grounded and prepared for the ebb and flow of life


Week 3

Skills for Managing Thoughts.

Noticing your dysfunctional thought patterns and looking at turning them around them using neuroscientifically proven techniques


Week 4

Challenging Dysfunctional Thoughts.

Learning how to become more rational in your thoughts and consequently calming down


Week 5

Building Healthy Relationships.

Giving you some skills and techniques to manage your relationships in a healthier way


Week 6


Addressing past traumas and losses and looking at how these can impact present relationships


Week 7

Attitudes in Relationships.

Looking at how you thinking in your relationships can affect your behaviour


Week 8

Developing Self Compassion

Building a relationship with yourself, accessing forgiveness, self-esteem and building self-belief


Week 9

Yoga and Meditation.

Combining the mind and body to enhance recovery


Week 10


Using Mindfulness techniques and 'relaxing your brain’ using these techniques


Week 11

Food and Exercise.

Building a personalised plan for these to support your ongoing recovery


Week 12

Bespoke Plan and Ongoing Recovery.

Bringing your personalised plan together for moving forward and implementing these techniques into every day life

There will be the option for ongoing support following the programme or to join one of our retreats where you can be part of a community and support group for your ongoing recovery and life.


How much does it cost?


I have a variety of payment plans available for the 12 week Cognitive Behaviour Coaching Programme

please just contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or book an appointment via the link below

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What our clients say....

"My experience with Vanessa from the start was positive. Obviously seeing a coach at first can be really unnerving, but she made me feel at ease and once you get talking about the problems that you wish to discuss and reach out for guidance. You start to feel progress into positive thoughts. I became very settled and comfortable very quickly. She has helped me through a lot and I would recommend her to anyone. You feel you can say anything without judgement. Seeing Vanessa has changed my life for the better."

Abigail Tompkins

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