Team Coaching uses a variety of techniques to support communication, improve standards and performance of your team.

Individual coaching is helpful but essentially each individual in the team is part of the team system.

Benefits of team coaching are…

  • Each staff member will be provided with the opportunity to explore their role in the team and find out how they can contribute more effectively.
  • The team will be given the opportunity to explore their needs to enable them to work together as collaboratively as possible for the best outcomes.
  • Cultures in the team can be identified and their usefulness explored with the view to change where needed.
  • Better understand the processes that underlie how the team works, and identify ways to improve these.
  • Conflicts can be identified and managed in way that is beneficial to the team.
  • Areas of creativity can be highlighted and used to their best advantage.
  • Stronger sense of sharing and team effort.
  • Enhanced resilience to setbacks and disappointments.
  • Team coping strategies can be developed.
  • An opportunity for staff to bond and connect in a non work orientated way.
  • Release tension.
  • Staff get to know each other a little better.
  • Staff learn about each other’s support needs and how to fulfil these.

All team coaching sessions are conducted in collaboration with the management, ongoing support and follow up sessions can be offered.

What other professionals say about us....

"Vanessa is a fantastic coach offering ideas with an approachable manner. Her listening and communication skills are excellent and she enables you to get to the heart of the topic and gently explore your true feelings and the possible options. Her wealth of experience makes you feel safe and comfortable.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, personable coach who will leave you feeling better-informed and and very capable to make the most informed choices with regard to any matters that need to be addressed."

Denis Rafter Rafter Associates, Financial Management.

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