iMA is a fantastic way to identify what communication style you have.
Once you know this you can then learn how to connect better with others. You can understand the way others communicate. It helps you form bonds, build work alliances, get on with your colleagues, friends and family in a way that is more enhancing for both you and them.

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Lets celebrate! Our September Crystal Clear Retreat was a huge success!!

There was an excited buzz in the air, hotel staff running around to make sure we had everything we needed. Neil and I had a quick chat about the content and structure. We have worked together before so there was a familiar kind of knowing how things were going to be. Something which is rare and unique in the world of co-facilitation.

We got started and stuck into the content, introduction etc etc. Outside the weather was in our favour and cattle wandered by in the field we could view out of the window. Towards the end of the morning Lori McPherson the Deep Tissue Massage Therapist knocked on the door. This was the first time I had met her but her friendly face was a relief.  "So everyone was going to get their well deserved Deep tissue massages, hopefully that would relieve some of the tension and stress that people had arrived with".

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I have started doing yoga every morning and also some form of meditation. Also returning to acupuncture. The benefits are amazing and it appears that I am more in balance. Which is what I wanted to achieve.


My intention was to have more balance and a more positive attitude and approach, to not suffer from low mood and mood swings. Perhaps in this very thought I started this process happening? There is a lot of evidence and research going on  in the power of thought currently.


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Transition and Values

What is transition? The biggest transition for me was moving from a drug dependent life to a life free of substances. Part of the equation with this was taking responsibility, something I was not particularly keen on doing. One day someone said to me with responsibility comes freedom. I liked that idea. But still responsibility was hard work. Talking to people. I was not very good at this, essentially I was scared of people. I was extremely worried about being judged, saying the wrong thing or being viewed in a certain light for my words.

So responsibility became a value of mine.

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YOGA @ Crystal Clear Retreats

I would like to introduce you to Alison Sidaway who is our yoga facilitator on our retreats.

Here is a little bit about what she does but please go and browse her website

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What other professionals say about us....

"Vanessa is a fantastic coach offering ideas with an approachable manner. Her listening and communication skills are excellent and she enables you to get to the heart of the topic and gently explore your true feelings and the possible options. Her wealth of experience makes you feel safe and comfortable.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, personable coach who will leave you feeling better-informed and and very capable to make the most informed choices with regard to any matters that need to be addressed."

Denis Rafter Rafter Associates, Financial Management.

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