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Our retreat weekends include...

Relaxation- a must in a busy life

Positive Psychology workshops - to help you to not allow life to get you down delivered by Vanessa Wallace (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and  Coach) 
Mindfulness to provide focus and coping strategies delivered by Vanessa Wallace and Neil Philbin (Addictions Therapist)
Coaching to enable a journey of discovery of you and your needs,
Raynor Deep tissue massage (delivered by our expert Massage Therapist Yvonne Clifford) And Yoga (delivered by our expert Yogi  and Counsellor, Alison Sidaway)

Come and join us for Transformation and Renewal.
Work on your Mind, Body and Spirit in one weekend leaving at the end feeling Refreshed, Revived, Joyful and Fulfilled.
Gain fast and complete healing of old traumas, limiting beliefs and emotional difficulties. 

Fun is one of the most important elements and you will come away feeling refreshed, stress-free and ready to face life with a new vitality. So why not give it a go? It is a worthwhile investment in you.

Here is the programme for the weekend......

  Friday   Saturday Sunday
10.30-11am Refreshments, arrival and greeting 9.30-10.30 Yoga (1-1's*) Yoga (1-1's*)
11-11.45am Introductions  10.30-11.00 Break Break
11.45-12.45 Positive energy 11.15-12.30 Life plans and Visions Transformations
12.45-13.30 Lunch 12.45-13.30 Lunch Lunch
13.30-14.30 1-1's*, swim, gym or walking. 13.30-14.30 1-1's*, swim, gym or walking. 1-1's*, swim, gym or walking.
14.30-15.30 Mindfulness and it's amazing benefits  14.30-15.30 Mindfulness and it's amazing benefits Mindfulness and it's amazing benefits
15.45-16.45 Self-Compassion 15.45-16.45 Giving to Each other Taking our lives forward
17.00-18.00 Yoga, 1-1's* 17.00-18.00 1-1's*, swim,gym or walking 1-1's*, 
18.00-19.00 1-1's*, swim,gym or walking 18.00-19.00 1-1's*, swim,gym or walking  
19.15-20.45 Dinner 19.45-20.45 Dinner  
*1-1's include Coaching and Treatments (Raynor Deep tissue massage or Craniosacral therapy) 

Ongoing coaching is provided following the retreat for a period of 3 months (1 hourly session every two weeks) on a 1-1 basis with Vanessa Wallace

You are worth it!!!

Next retreat date, click here for our  Retreat Diary and further discovery of the experience

Watch our retreat video, click the link Youtube video at the top of the page. 

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Success Stories

"I have been working with Vanessa for about two years and our sessions have aided me to enhance my ability to independently manipulate thought processes through the use of cognitive-behavioural techniques, leading to emotional well-being and greater peace of mind. Vanessa has helped me formulate and achieve goals, clarify my thinking, improve my relationships, and just feel and live better. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!"

Vanessa L

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