I have started doing yoga every morning and also some form of meditation. Also returning to acupuncture. The benefits are amazing and it appears that I am more in balance. Which is what I wanted to achieve.


My intention was to have more balance and a more positive attitude and approach, to not suffer from low mood and mood swings. Perhaps in this very thought I started this process happening? There is a lot of evidence and research going on  in the power of thought currently.



Our minds can change and we can change them through practicing mindfulness


There are many forms of mindfulness and I will list of a few I have practiced over the last few weeks.


  1. Eating mindfulness. This reduces binge eating, savouring of the food also prompts the receptors in the brain for positive experience. Choose foods you enjoy and savour them, relish in them. This combines the principles of positive psychology. We can use food sometimes to fill a void if we are unhappy with ourselves.

  2. Body mindfulness. Standing in yoga positions and becoming aware of sensations around your body as you do this, scan your body from top to bottom noticing any discomfort of tension in any areas.

  3. Thought mindfulness. Recognise thoughts, let them come and go. I have a specific meditation where I put thoughts in balloons and watch them disappear into the distance and over the horizon.

  4. Phrase mindfulness. Brain training in action. Saying out loud phrases focusing on the area of the throat. Putting your hand on your throat and feeling the vibration as you say something out loud. ‘NO, NO, NO’. This can be for all the no’s you have not said in the past that you wish you had. ( This also works to help you forgive yourself for not or being unable to say no in the past) NO, NO, NO to any situations where you want to be assertive now and feel you might balk (this could be used for addictive behaviours or relationships where you lose your power).


With lovingkindness



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